May, 15, 2015

Fertilize your lawn without phosphates

0 Sandy Kewley


Most of us want to beautify our lawns while also killing crab grass.
In order to do this, we usually use fertilizer. In the past, most lawn
fertilizers contained phosphates. Today, we realize that phosphates
leach into lakes and streams cause algae to grow.

Some of these phosphates occur naturally in soil. These we can’t
directly control. We can, however, control what fertilizers we use
on our own property.

If you choose to have your lawn fertilized by a commercial contractor,
please be certain that they only utilize fertilizer which contains NO phosphates.

If you choose to do the fertilization yourself, please be certain to check
the product which you buy.  The bag contains a three digit number which
shows the contents of the product.

The middle digit  must be “0”.

This signifies that the product contains no phosphate.

Many lawn and garden shops now sell organic fertilizer. It’s a bit
more expensive, but will insure that no chemicals of any kind will
drain into the lake.

We appreciate your help in keeping our lake free of algae.


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