Apr, 20, 2015

Are you wasting water?

0 Sandy Kewley

As a homeowner it is the responsibility of each of us to ensure that we are sensitive to the waste of water. This finite resource needs to be protected and shared by all things living on this planet.
There is a real cost to LWA and other water providers for the production and distribution of water. During the 2013-2014 LWA budget year we wasted approximately 1.4 million gallons at an approximate cost of $38,400 which translates into about $144 per household. The water wasted was all attributed to leaks in homeowner laterals, the pipe leading from the water main in the road to your house. Our water distribution system is over 60 years old, and while LWA has been actively (and almost finished) replacing all of the water mains, the laterals are the responsibility of the homeowner. If you haven’t replaced your laterals, you will most likely need to in the next few years. Being proactive and doing it before it fails can help prevent water waste, and probably be done at a lower cost.
Each of us can prevent and/or reduce this waste. In your home, you can test for leaks. First turn off all of your house faucets (not the main), go into your basement and listen for any water running. Outside, look for running water coming out of the ground. Even a leaking toilet can waste 5 or more gallons per day.

Additionally, please be alert, and notify LWA maintenance at maintenance@lakewaubeeka.org. if you see any running water coming out of the ground.


David Zwang

LWA Vice President

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